chemical linkage

chemical linkage
химическая связь

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  • chemical reaction — Any chemical process in which substances are changed into different ones, with different properties, as distinct from changing position or form (phase). Chemical reactions involve the rupture or rearrangement of the bonds holding atoms together… …   Universalium

  • Chemical glycosylation — A chemical glycosylation reaction involves the coupling of a sugar to a glycosyl acceptor forming a glycoside.[1][2][3] If the acceptor is another sugar, the product is an oligosaccharide. The reaction involves coupling a glycosyl donor to a… …   Wikipedia

  • Linkage — The tendency for genes and other genetic markers to be inherited together because of their location near one another on the same chromosome. A gene is a functional physical unit of heredity that can be passed from parent to child. All genes in… …   Medical dictionary

  • chemical bond — noun an electrical force linking atoms • Syn: ↑bond • Hypernyms: ↑attraction, ↑attractive force • Hyponyms: ↑covalent bond, ↑cross link, ↑cross linkage …   Useful english dictionary

  • chemical bond — /ˈkɛmɪkəl bɒnd/ (say kemikuhl bond) noun the linkage between two atoms. See covalent bond, electrovalent bond, dative bond …  

  • DNA-encoded chemical library — DNA encoded chemical libraries (DEL) are a new technology for the synthesis and screening of collections of chemical compounds of unprecedented size and quality. DEL represents an advance in medicinal chemistry which bridges the fields of… …   Wikipedia

  • peptide linkage — noun the primary linkage of all protein structures; the chemical bond between the carboxyl groups and amino groups that unites a peptide • Syn: ↑peptide bond • Hypernyms: ↑chemical bond, ↑bond * * * noun see peptide bond …   Useful english dictionary

  • cross-linkage — noun a side bond that links two adjacent chains of atoms in a complex molecule • Syn: ↑cross link • Derivationally related forms: ↑cross link, ↑cross link (for: ↑cross link) • Hypernyms: ↑ …   Useful english dictionary

  • Codrug — A codrug or mutual prodrug consists of two synergistic drugs chemically linked together, in order to improve the drug delivery properties of one or both drugs.[1] The constituent drugs are indicated for the same disease, but may exert different… …   Wikipedia

  • triple bond — Chem. a chemical linkage consisting of three covalent bonds between two atoms of a molecule, represented in chemical formulas by three lines or six dots. * * * ▪ chemical bonding       in chemistry, a covalent linkage in which two atoms share… …   Universalium

  • Сиджвик, Невил Винсент — В Википедии есть статьи о других людях с такой фамилией, см. Сиджвик. Невил Винсент Сиджвик Nevil Vincent Sidgwick Род деятельности: Химик Дата рождения: 8 мая …   Википедия

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